Acrolab has a diverse and comprehensive database consisting of thousands of application solutions that have aided our customers in resolving thermal management processing challenges, increasing their production rates and their bottom line. Acrolab will become an invested partner with your R&D team from start to finish, providing a detailed framework for project scope and completion. We are also experienced at leveraging support for R&D from other industry partners, academic institutions and private research facilities. Standard support includes, but is not limited to; Design, Build, Test, and Report deliverables.


  • Performance Review
  • Feasibility
  • Proof-of-principle
  • Manufacturability
  • Scalability
  • Technical specifications

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Once the detail design is completed, prototype builds can be fabricated and the necessary parts procured. Acrolab has a broad range of internal fabrication and tooling capabilities and has access to additional capabilities through relationships developed with preferred local service providers.

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Assembly of the initial prototype is a critical step in the process that validates previous design assumptions. Physical testing confirms that the prototype meets the performance requirements established during the concept phase. If changes are required, the CAD models are revised and the prototype modified until all expectations are met.

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Verify the accuracy of all CAD models and create finalized production drawings. A documentation package is prepared which includes detailed design drawings, component part specifications, and performance testing results.

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