For the past four decades, Acrolab has established a strong relationship with a diverse group of clients around the world, in industry sectors from automotive and aerospace to energy and telecommunications. We have been involved in developing disruptive, as well as next-generation technology solutions assisting our customers in resolving thermal management challenges, increasing their production rates and their bottom line. Acrolab’s goal is to become your preferred source for thermal engineering support.


Begins with identifying a requirement for a new product or modification/enhancement to an existing product. Through collaborative consultation, the product specification is defined to include its functional, technical and performance requirements. One or more concepts are usually generated and rough sketches or CAD models are created to convey the product’s fit, form and function. A concept review evaluates the options, selects the best option and establishes the criteria for the next steps in the process.

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Implements a design based on outputs generated during the design review process. A detailed design is generated using 3D, solid-modeling CAD programs such as SolidWorks. CAD models are created for components and assemblies to check for interference before any physical parts are made. Using a design-for-manufacture philosophy, components and systems are designed to ensure they are appropriate for the client’s application.

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To compliment our design expertise and offer clients tangible value, the Acrolab team can transform concepts into partial or full-scale working prototypes, whether from an original concept or an existing product needing modification. With an experienced and well-equipped production facility, we can provide anything from a proof-of-concept to a finished prototype version of the product. Besides our own internal manufacturing capabilities, Acrolab has access to additional capabilities through relationships developed with preferred local providers. Whether you need a single part or a complete system/assembly, our team can accommodate the challenge quickly and efficiently. Prototyping is a critical step in the process that validates previous design assumptions.


After completing the first three stages of engineering, Acrolab is capable of tooling up to support limited production runs for the customer’s new product or enhanced/modified product. With the majority of the non-recurring engineering costs already captured, we will provide a realistic expectation for initial production volumes based on a reasonable allocation of resources and a fully detailed bill-of-materials identifying any capacity/production constraints as well as any supply chain restraints. One of Acrolab’s key strengths is its ability to develop quality test procedures, identify necessary testing equipment (including test jigs and fixtures), and provide ongoing support to the customers engineering team. Acrolab will also work with the customer to develop larger scale production systems as necessary.