At Acrolab, our thermal engineering team has assisted clients in the automotive, aerospace, water purification, telecommunications, medical, petroleum and various manufacturing industries. With an extensive applications database and significant experience in the manufacturing sector, we are able to effectively address thermal challenges for our clients. Our thermal management solutions are both comprehensive and scaled to address clients concerns such as cost, performance, manufacturability and reliability. We add value to our client’s evaluation process by saving time and avoiding costly delays, providing honest and realistic feedback on expectations and feasibility.


Acrolab has been retained to perform collaborative research and development by many manufacturers worldwide requiring new and unique thermal solutions. Our engineers can assist you with design and R & D services to identify and resolve a wide variety of thermal-related processing challenges.  Contact Acrolab’s engineering department now to collaborate with us on your research & development project(s).

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Acrolab has developed several thermal analysis models to assist our customers in developing optimal solutions for their specific application.  Thermal simulations provided by Acrolab can demonstrate the effect of incorporating our trademark product, Isobar® heat pipe, into a complete thermal management solution, or it can simulate the heating and/or cooling in your application.

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Acrolab offers a variety of thermal engineering services, including concept development to product design to prototyping and limited production runs. We are committed to providing high quality, innovative products and services to our customers. By leveraging leading-edge technology, we are able to consistently offer high-quality services across a wide range of applications. You can trust Acrolab to hold your information and data in strict confidence.

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