For over 70 years Acrolab has supplied clients all over the world with quality thermal products.  We are an industry leader when it comes to connecting thermal products with applications.  Acrolab’s thermal engineers can help you design a thermal product specific to your application; so that it is done right the first time.  Our team just doesn’t supply products, we supply solutions.  If you require support with a current project please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Isobar® Heat Pipes

By moving heat 250 times faster than copper, Acrolab’s Isobar heat pipes (thermal pins/heat tubes) give you ability to manage thermal energy in your application.  If you are looking to heat, cool, or create uniform temperatures, in almost any environment or application, The Acrolab Isobar is the thermal product you should be looking into.

Custom Isobars®

Do you have an application that is out of the norm?  Pulling heat out of a silo to heat a barn floor? Or maybe you require specialized fins for maximum heating in or out of an autoclave?  Acrolab’s custom Isobar heat pipes can be manufactured to suit almost any application.  Come check out some custom builds we have completed for thousands of clients.

Isoplatens® & Platens

Looking to achieve a specific thermal profile across a working surface?  Achieving temperature tolerances of up to +/1°F, Our Isoplatens are world famous for thermal uniformity and recovery.  For optimal results, ensure you are using a proper foundation when running product or mounting tooling to your press or application.


Based on Acrolab’s Isobar technology, Isomandrels give you the ability to rotate a mandrel or roller while heating or cooling it at the same time.  This can all be done all the while achieving thermal uniformity.  Check out this exclusive technology for more applications and benefits.

Thermocouples & RTDs

Acrolab offers the best in the industry for thermocouples and RTDs.  Our team has engineered custom temperature sensors that are used world wide.  If you have a project or challenge, Acrolab is the best in the industry for solving temperature monitoring problems.

Heating Elements

We offer a large array of industrial heating elements to suit your thermal applications.  Choosing the proper process heater for your application can be overwhelming.  Let our expert engineering team do the heavy design lifting for you.

Stoner Cleaners & Degreasers

Acrolab offers the ever popular Stoner line of cleaners and degreasers.  We carry a large inventory for quick and convenient delivery.  Food grade, eco-friendly, and carcinogen free Stoner products are available.  Contact our sales team today for pricing for your industrial application needs.

Accessories & Components

Thermal products is what we do.  We have a large array of accessories & components to suit your application needs.  From connectors and fiberglass tape to mold insulation board to high-temperature lead wire, our team has you covered.

Standard & Custom Control Panels

Acrolab also offers standard and custom control panels.  We offer certifications in UL, CSA, or CE to meet your requirements.  Whether you know what you need or you are looking for a control panel to suit your application, Acrolab engineers can support you with your application.