Acrolab’s trademarked ISOMANDREL® is an enhanced mandrel which can replace your current mandrels.  This exclusive technology is demonstration of an internal process, within the mandrel, which enhances its thermal conductivity and thermal reactivity. The process permits heat to be applied in a localized concentration that is then rapidly and homogeneously redistributed over the complete mandrel working surface.

ISOMANDREL® Technology removes the need for cure ovens by permitting the curing of filament wound pipe and tube sections by heating the mandrel uniformly while rotating, using induction heating.

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Isomandrel® Technology

Isomandrels® redistribute high thermal energy uniformly over the entire mandrel surface as well as providing predictable and consistent energy input into the part during the filament winding or laying process. The result is a completed cure in a shorter time with less energy expenditure, all the while providing a much more uniform and consistent cure and resin-rich surface on the internal diameter of the cylinder/wind.

Isomandrel® Concept & Design

Isomandrels® are typically heated at one end only.  The heat source is usually away from the part area of the mandrel.  Heat is applied to this area and instantly redistributed to the entire length of the ISOMANDREL®.  This heating can occur during winding or after.  This gives the user the freedom to cure while winding or on a separate station.  While you can utilize your current oven, your oven is no longer required to cure!

Material Type(s):

Various types of mandrel materials can be used. Typically a material such as monel or stainless steel is utilized.

Heat Source Type(s):

Many types of heat sources can be utilized. Typically electric resistive heaters or induction heat is used.

Cooling Source Type(s):

Cooling can be integrated if required. Cooling type depends on the Isomandrel® design. Water can be utilized as of option for a cooling source.

Sensor Type(s):

Typically an IR style sensor is used to monitor temperatures

Isomandrels® For Heated Rollers

Isomandrels® can also be used in heated rollers. When used in heated roll applications, ISOMANDRELS® deliver a more predictable and homogeneous temperature over the entire working surface of the roll, resulting in higher thermal recovery speeds and therefore greater line speed.

Isomandrels® Are Thermally Enhanced Mandrels  

Isomandrels® – What are the benefits?

  • Rapid and responsive heating and cooling, resulting in the fastest cure and strip cycles in the industry
  • The ability to cure while winding
  • No cure oven required
  • High-speed cure rates > 25% improvement over oven curing times
  • Successful cures have been achieved to >2.0” wall thickness
  • The curing of resin from the inside out
  • As the cure front moves away from the ID, vapors are vented through the uncured matrix into the atmosphere
  • Vapors are vented resulting in minimal interlaminar porosity
  • Heated vapors assist in heating the uncured matrix, moving the cure front easily and quickly through thick-walled tube sections

Isomandrel® – Key Features

  • Can be heated and controlled at any set point
  • Can be heated and controlled while rotating
  • Has high speed heat transfer and rapid response to thermal inputs
  • Is inherently isothermal, predictably uniform in surface temperature
  • Absorbs and redistributes exotherms
  • Can be rapidly cooled using a patented internal cooling technology
  • Can operate in processes from ambient temperature to 650°F

Isomandrel® – Additional Features & Benefits

  • Uniform predictable temperature across the entire working surface of the roll
  • Uniform and predictable dimensional stability across the entire roll
  • Simplified and economical control hardware
  • High thermal recovery speed to heating and cooling permits much faster line speeds
  • Easily heated and/or cooled while rotating
  • Accurately controlled for temperature
  • Isothermal working surface on heated rolls
  • Can be heated by gas, oil or induction; directly or indirectly
  • Localized energy from process materials is distributed over the entire roll face instead of creating a roll hot spot
  • No complex piping or multiple control zones

Thermal Image Shows ISOMANDREL® Uniformity With An Induction Coil (left) On Only 4″ Of the Isomandrel