Acrolab has built thousands of custom Isobars for many different clients and industries. Standard Isobars have a temperature range from 50°F to 500°F. Acrolab also engineers low-temperature Isobars that operate at temperatures from-103°Fto 50°F.

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Custom Isobar Cooling Assemblies

Isobar for Medical Application

Finned Isobar for TEG Application

Multiple Designs & Geometries

Finned For Heating and/or Cooling

Custom Design Options Available

Circular Isobar for Packaging

Isobars for Brake Tooling

Tool Cooling

Blood Monitoring

Custom Builds

Finned Isobar for Air Heating

Isobar Chamber For Composites

Specialized Pointed Tip Isobar

Electronics Heat Spreading

Welding Tip Cooling

Special Application Cooling