Custom Solutions

ISOBAR® heat pipes are typically employed in a horizontal orientation or a similar orientation where gravity assists the charge fluid in the Isobar heat pipe to return to the evaporator section. Ongoing research continues on ISOBAR® heat pipes to optimize performance when they are required to "work against gravity." Acrolab consistently analyzes, investigates and tests [...]
Acrolab was asked by a client to assist them with the development of an automated, rapid cure process for producing a series of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) parts utilizing ISOMANDREL® technology. Acrolab’s ISOMANDREL® technology was utilized to create this new manufacturing process The first step was to understand the client’s requirements and develop a [...]
Acrolab was asked to develop a new thermal management concept to improve the efficiency and reliability of a battery electric (BE) thermal management system, other than air-cooling and liquid-coolant cooling systems, used in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). In order to optimize the performance of the (BEV) battery we were required to maintain the optimal operating [...]