About Us

Acrolab Ltd is a thermal engineering solutions company and for over 70 years has been a custom solutions provider for various industrial manufacturers from high-end consumer and defense electronics to plastics, rubber, and composite processors in all areas of manufacturing.

Acrolab’s headquarters and research and development facilities are located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, however our business is global. As an innovator and research focused company, we continuously develop new enabling technologies and have two technology licensees, one in the European Union and the other in the United States of America.

We are a proud supplier to the aerospace & defense industries and are registered in the Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP). Please contact info@acrolab.com for more information.

Custom Solutions Provider

Acrolab provides three core capabilities to its clients;

  • First: A strong research and development (R&D) focus both internally with new product and process development and externally with client-sponsored research projects.
  • Second: We provide thermal engineering solutions provided by our team of design and applications engineers, utilizing existing and new technology developments in the area of thermal management to devise novel and innovative solutions to customer challenges in industrial processing.
  • Third: Acrolab aims to be a full-service supplier, providing a wide range of thermal electric and auxiliary products that enable our customers to get a complete solution from a single source.

Trademark Products Isobar®, Isoplaten® & Isomandrel®

Our products continue to be developed to improve, enable and enhance current and future production methodologies throughout the world. In the recent past, we have completed several R&D projects with industry leaders in consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive applications, aerospace and oil & gas. We have also developed key relationships with other industry partners and brought together a team of specialists focused on delivering a comprehensive solution to our customers. From concept and design to prototype and testing, Acrolab provides a complete range of services to our customers.


Founded Accurate Laboratories      (Windsor, ON)

Founded in 1948 by Mr. Phillipe Earle Ouellette,  Accurate Laboratories originally began as an instrument repair and sales company in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Renamed Acrolab Instrument Company

After a successful initial start-up period, Accurate Laboratories became a reliable and dependable service provider to many local industrial companies including the major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.  This is when the name of the company changed, establishing the brand name we have today, Acrolab as a trusted and reliable source of technical and product support to industry.


First Patent: Phillip Earl Ouellette and Start of Sensor Manufacturing

P.E. OUELLETTE, Fluid Pressure Operated Proportioning Transmitter and Controller U.S. Patent 3,450,152 dated 17 June 1969.  Phillip became an Associate Member of the Institute of Power Engineers (Canada) in 1952 and continued to develop Acrolab’s product and service offerings over the years and started manufacturing industrial and plastics sensors as well as researching new products to assist Acrolab customers.


Sons Joe & Paul Take Over Business & Move to 1958 Wyandotte St (Windsor, ON)

After the death of their father in 1971, and benefiting from the continuous growth of the company , Paul and Joe moved locations to a new, larger facility in the city.


Renamed ACROLAB INSTRUMENT LTD – Moved to 2010 Assumption St (Windsor, ON)


Started Heat Pipe Manufacturing

After attending an industrial trade show in the USA and learning about heat pipes and their use in industrial applications, Joseph returned to Windsor and started his research and development on manufacturing heat pipes for the Canadian and U.S. markets.  With a strong understanding of fluid dynamics, phase change and instrument repair and manufacturing, Joe was already well ahead in accomplishing this challenge.


Renamed ACROLAB LTD and moved to 3421 Wyandotte St (Windsor, ON)


Established ACROLAB – QUEBEC (Montreal, QC) and ACROLAB INC – USA (Detroit, MI)

Acrolab’s first expansion effort was into the USA and the Province of Quebec. Offices were established in Detroit, MI and Montreal, QC focused on the automotive sector and their suppliers.  This was the start of Acrolab’s Engineering and Research & Development services in the industrial market.  Acrolab now provided design support, engineered heat transfer systems and ancillary processing equipment and products to its customers.


Started tradenames Isobar® and Isoplaten®

By 1987, Acrolab had established both Isobar and Isoplaten as recognized tradenames within the manufacturing sector.  Over the next decade Isobar and Isoplaten would become well known products under the Acrolab brand and official trademarks for both Isobar and Isoplaten were officially registered and have been maintained since 1997.


Established ACROLAB POLSKA (Lublin, Poland)

Following the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the subsequent development of the European Union (EU), Acrolab leveraged its strong ties to the local Polish community in Windsor and pursued the opportunity to establish a manufacturing facility in Lublin, Poland to support the impending opening up of the EU market.


Acrolab’s First Isobar® Developed for Space Application

A NASA testing program led by Lockheed Missile and Aerospace for the Space Shuttle Columbia focused on providing a spectrometric examination of the spacecraft’s surfaces to evaluate spacecraft glow during re-entry into the atmosphere.  Acrolab’s Isobars allowed the two spectrometers monitoring the two test areas to be kept uniformly cool on re-entry.


Accredited ISO 9002 – Moved to 7475 Tranby Ave (Windsor, ON)

Acrolab Ltd became the first temperature sensor and assembly manufacturer in North America to be accredited the ISO 9002:1994 quality certification, a more comprehensive and demanding variation of the ISO 9000.


Established ISOLAB INC.                        (Windsor, ON)

ISOLAB INC. provides ISO 17025 accredited calibration sales and service,  dimensional inspections, repairs, installation, contract calibration management and training on major precision measuring equipment. For more than 20 years ISOLAB  has provided a high level of service and installation of metrology instruments for a number of high profile manufacturers across Canada.



Agrilab Technologies Inc was established to research, develop and market environmentally sensitive solutions to energy generation challenges and to assist in heat transfer issues more specifically related to rural and agri-industry applications.



In 2007, Acrolab established two license agreements for the use of the trademarks Isobar and Isoplaten, one with Krauss GmbH (Calw, DE) for the sale of these products in the plastics and rubber sectors in the European Union and the other with The French Oil Mill Machinery Company (Piqua, OH) for the sale of these products in the rubber sector within North America.


Acrolab Selected as Finalist for JEC 2010 Innovation Awards

Acrolab was selected as a finalist for the JEC Innovation Award for its developments in composites filament winding in association with other members of its development team.


Acrolab Isobar Technology Enhances In-Autoclave Composite Curing

After years of delivering advanced Isobar engineered heat transfer systems to our plastics and rubber processing customers, Acrolab saw an opportunity to significantly enhance in-autoclave curing of composite structures.  From standard format to large format composite tooling, Acrolab’s Isobar engineered systems were implemented in a series of challenging in-autoclave composite curing applications using both active and passive heat transfer methodologies.



At this juncture, Acrolab Ltd has continued to maintain the trust and confidence of its customers by providing innovative and affordable solutions to their most challenging thermal management problems.  More recently, Acrolab expanded its services to include thermal analysis and simulations to enhance our customer offerings in the automotive, aerospace, medical, plastics, rubber, and composites industries to name a few.