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Industrial Process Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Custom Control Panels, Isobar Heat Pipes … And More!


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This Acrolab super thermal conductor moves thermal energy 250x faster than copper!

Whether you are cooling a tool, heating a tool, or moving thermal energy from a particular location, Isobar heat pipes can do it all.

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Our product is the Lamborghini of heated platens.

Acrolab Isoplaten technology achieves thermal uniformity of up to 1°C across the working face. We also offer standard heated and cooled platens for your regular applications.

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With over 70 years of build and design expertise, our team is at the forefront of Thermocouple and RTD technology.

For those who think outside the box, we have designed thousands of custom sensors for a wide range of industries.

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If you are looking for electric heaters Acrolab is the place. Whether your sealing, wrapping, pressing, pulling, extruding, melting, curing, evaporating, or injecting Acrolab has the right heater for you.

Do you have something off the beaten path?

Our engineers can solve your application problems, saving you time for other important project items.


We have thousands of accessories & components in stock for your application needs. Some of our products include: insulation board, mold connectors, wire (for thermocouple, RTD and power), thermocouple plugs and strips, fiberglass tape, temperature control units, and mold cables.

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We design and build control panels from table top 1 zone controllers all the way up to multi zone HMI touch screen interface.

We can provide a turnkey solution from thermal products all the way to the system that controls them.

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Acrolab has a long history of developing advanced thermal solutions for all types of manufacturing processes. Our industry wide experience along with the latest technology & tools allow customers to maximize benefits that save energy, increase productivity & quality while reducing waste.

Acrolab maintains a complete inventory of Thermal Products & Accessories. Once a customer has a solution to their thermal problem we have all the necessary resources and equipment on hand, making us your one stop thermal solutions and products shop.

Acrolab’s comprehensive database of thermal management projects, options and applications is world-class. Combined with our seasoned technicians we produce energy efficient solutions that increase quality and productivity.

Protoype Development and Testing

We have the ability to work within any industry on an individual basis or with a team of specialists. From original design to final output; Acrolab can do it all.

After Acrolab has completed the proof of concept, R & D, design and prototyping of your thermal related application, we can carry it to short run or full run production.

The technology transfer can be done through purchasing or licensing which may be exclusive within defined territories or industry sectors.