Thermocouples & RTDs

Acrolab's thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors and accessories are suitable for plastic injection, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, agricultural and general industrial applications. Our RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction, providing long operating life in high vibration and/or temperature applications.

Plastics Industry Thermocouples & RTDs
Plastics Industry Thermocouples & RTDs - Standard and Custom Manufactured Temperature Sensors Specifically for Plastic Injection Machinery

  • Adjustable Bayonet
  • Fixed Bayonet
  • Fixed Compression
  • Nozzle
  • Plastic melt
  • Ring Type
  • Gasket
  • Under the band
  • Extension Assemblies
Industrial Thermocouples & RTDs
Industrial Thermocouples & RTDs - Standard and custom manufactured temperature sensors adaptable to any industry.

  • Straight , bare and insulated types
  • Platinum
  • Standard
  • RTDs & MgO Insulated
  • Special purpose
Technical Information on Thermocouples and RTDs
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