Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System

An Acrolab Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System delivers near-isothermal conditions to all mold surfaces. Acrolab's custom-engineered Heat Transfer System uses the Isobar® Heat Pipe a super-thermal conductor as the primary component. Its main function is to provide thermal uniformity to molding applications for either heating or cooling operations.

Acrolab's Heat Transfer System is used in core pin technology for thermoset and rubber injection molders; in Tree-Bar structures; cold runner molds; thermal plastic molding and any application where thermal uniformity is critical. The Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System conducts energy so rapidly that it responds immediately to changes in mold face temperatures and process demands, making mold startups a breeze. The Isobar® Heat Pipe system requires no special or sophisticated control for operation.

There is no need to change your existing mold control system. Acrolab provides all the components, engineering services, and field installation necessary to provide a complete Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System. All engineering drawings, electrical schematics, heating elements, Isobar® Heat Pipes, thermocouples, wiring, terminal boxes, electrical connectors, control cables and a certified electrician for installation are provided. The Isobar® Heat Pipe system requires no special processing considerations. There are no unique or specialized temperature controls required to operate this system and it usually pays for itself in six months as a result of faster cycle times, reduced scrap, simplified maintenance procedures and the consistent production of molded parts of superior quality.

The Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System resides entirely within the mold. It is as robust as the mold itself — designed with proper care to outlast the life of the mold. The system can be designed into new molds or retrofitted into existing ones.

Contact Acrolab's Engineering Department for more details and to receive a quote for your specific application.

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