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NEW! -- ISOPLATEN® Video - Advancements in electrically heated platens


May 17, 2011

 NEW! -- ISOPLATEN® VIDEO - This video will depict Acrolab Isoplaten® technology highlighting the thermal recovery in an experimental setting. Click on the image to start the presentation


A comparative analysis of an electrically heated Isoplaten® vs. a conventional or standard electrically heated platen of the same physical dimensions, the same thermal energy in-put and with the same load conditions.

Best Regards, Peter McCormack, BA, MA, Global Technical Sales Manager

Congrats, The Isoplaten® “Thermal Performance of Electrically Heated Platens - May 2011


May 14, 2011

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Isoplatens® give molders rapid unparalleled thermal recovery and linear temperature distribution!


May 13, 2011 

Acrolab’s ISOPLATEN® (“The Intuitive Platen”) redistributes the energy generated by standard cartridge heaters to give molders rapid thermal recovery and unparalleled and linear temperature distribution along the whole platen surface. Your tools operate with reduced energy demands, produce better quality molded parts and allow you to use faster curing compounds with narrower thermal processing windows.

• Uniformly Cure Parts Resulting In Better Quality
• Reduce cycle time
• Reduce Thermal Energy Required From Heaters
• Energy Cost Savings
• Save On Time
• Evenly Heat Thermal Sensitive Parts
• Eliminate Hot Spots
• Reduce Scrap

Acrolab’s Isoplatens provide high levels of thermal stability to press platen applications and can be designed for electric, oil, or steam heating. Integral water cooling lines for fast process temperature changes are available. The standard Isoplaten is electronically heated and has an operating range of ambient to 500°F.

Acrolab engineered bi-level Isoplatens can hold a thermal uniformity of +/- 5°F over 90% of the surface of the Isoplaten. These results allow a substantial improvement in cycle times, start up times, thermal recovery rates, and improved part quality. The Isoplaten’s unique thermal uniformity permits the use of one single zone temperature controller for the entire platen. No special multi-zone controls, heaters, or thermocouples are required.

For more information call Acrolab Engineering. Best regards, Peter McCormack

Expert Engineering Advice from Acrolab - Thermal Electric Products


May 11, 2011

Expert Engineering Advice from Acrolab - Thermal Electric Products

Acrolab offers considerably more than best price quality and delivery. Acrolab is a thermal engineering R&D/Mfg facility that will get you the right product for the right application. Call us at 519 944 5900 Acrolab is not only known for its high quality thermal electric products but also for expert technical advice in terms of specific product applications and applied thermal engineering developments from its research and develolpment labs.

Designed/distributed/custom manufacturing to print

• Heating elements
• Sensors and Accessories
• Controls and Accessories
• Isobar® heat pipes, heat exchangers and isoplatens® isomandrels® are manufactured on site
• Standard list prices and volume discounts

Best Regards, Peter McCormack, BA, MA, Global Technical Sales Manager

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