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NEWS - Improved cycle times for thermoset molding - The Isosprue Spreader´┐Ż


May 4, 2010 Acrolab introduces the ISOSPRUE SPREADER™
May 4, 2010
Integrally heated and controlled Sprue Spreader  -- One significant continuing challenge associated with injection/compression thermoset molding is predictable high speed curing of the sprue section. Acrolab’s unique integrally heated and controlled sprue spreader provides the solution. The ISOSPRUE™ Spreader is an integrally heated mold component which contains its own miniature precision thermocouple. This unique integrated thermal mold component can be heated and controlled to any discrete temperature to assure fast effective curing of the sprue resulting is shorted cycle times and safer mold cycling. The ISOSPRUE™ spreader is made of D2 steel and nitrided for toughness. The ISOSPRUE™ Spreader in integrally heated with 400Watts of power at 240 VAC allowing it to be easily and directly incorporated into the control system typically used to heat the mold. The ISOPSPRUE™ Spreader has its own internal and replaceable precision type J thermocouple which permits closed loop control to the resin’s optimum operating temperature. The ISOSPRUE™ Spreader is custom fitted to the stack height of the tool by threading it on to the end of a cut to length hollow extension sleeve typically and easily made from an injector sleeve.
The ISOSPRUE™ Spreader incorporates an integrated heating element swaged directly into the tool blank which is then shaped and heat treated to become the final geometry of the sprue spreader. A proprietary technology provides a method for a replaceable 0.020” type J thermocouple to be located within the ISOSPRUE™ Spreader’s tapered tip to provide the close control needed to produce the high speed cure of the spreader section.

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