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TRADE SHOWS 2010 - Acrolab attends the 15th Annual International Heat pipe Conference, Clemson SC


April 26, 2010   Acrolab attends 15th Annual International Heat Pipe Conference 

Acrolab Ltd will be attending the the 15th International Heat Pipe Conference (IHPC) will be held in Clemson, SC, USA, April 25 to 30, 2010. This conference focuses on topics related to heat pipe and thermosyphon developments, and provides a forum for exchange of up-to-date information and experiences among scientists and engineers from around the world. The 15th IPHC is organized under the coordination of the International Heat Pipe Conference Committee, with this conference being the next in a series spanning 37 years.

TRADE SHOWS 2010 - Acrolab to attend this years' SPE TOPCON in Chicago


April 6, 2010 - SPE THERMOSET TOP CON - Chicago, IL, USA

Acrolab Ltd will attend the event with a delegate, Peter McCormack, Technical Sales Manager.

Plastic Thermoset Heating - Advanced thermal engineering

SPE TOPCON  -T e c h n o l o g i e s  f o r  t h e  N e w D e c a d e Plastic Thermoset Heating Isobars are used within thermoset molds to superconduct energy to cores and mold face sections. They provide near-isothermal conditions and rapid energy throughput on all the mold's working surfaces. Isobar® Heat Pipes replenish the energy drawn from the mold face to the part during the cure cycle significantly faster than relying on the thermal conductivity of tool steel. Acrolab's solution to Plastic Thermoset Heating has the Isobar® Heat Pipes arranged in such a way as to allow for full accessibilty and easy heater replacement in the event of heater failure. This means easier maintenance and less down time for your mold. 

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