Thermal Plastic Cooling

Within the context of thermoplastic molding, the unique heat transfer characteristics of the Isobar® super-thermal conductor, when designed into the mold, ensure that energy build-up on the mold face is rapidly directed to the mold's cooling channels. The result is faster, more uniform cooling to the entire mold surface, which allows for shorter molding cycles. Rapid, uniform surface cooling also eliminates hot and cold spots on the working face, which in turn results in molded parts that are free from short shots, irregular shrinkage, and molded-in residual stress and warp.

It is not necessary to have the Isobar® in direct contact with a waterline to effect cooling; although Isobars® can be incorporated into the cooling channel, in many cases they need only be in proximity to a water line to promote effective cooling. This capacity allows the mold designer greater flexibility for positioning cooler lines in locations remote from complex core and cavity inserts, thus simplifying tool design and eliminating seals required to prevent coolant leakage. Water lines that are uninhibited by bubblers and bafflers also permit faster turbulent flow that minimizes mineral deposits and promotes a higher level of effective heat removal. The result: more efficient and effective cooling.

Furthermore, because Isobar® systems eliminate the need for bubblers and baffles which are associated with such problems as o-ring leakage, mineral build-ups, pressure drops, uneven cooling and complex water line designs, maintenance requirements and problems - which can result in unscheduled downtime - are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Thermal Plastic Cooling

Isobar® super-thermal conductors are manufactured in many diameters and lengths (see chart) and can be custom-built, when necessary, to precisely fit your application

Acrolab Engineering

Acrolab's applications engineering team can assist you in designing simplified, highly effective mold cooling systems for your mold. Our applications specialists will recommend optimum sizing and placement, and will provide all the requisite details regarding drill sizes and installation requirements.

All engineering drawings, electrical schematics, heating elements, Isobars®, thermocouples, wiring, terminal boxes, electrical connectors and control cables are provided with Acrolab's Is® systems, and field installation can always be arranged to meet your specifications and requirements.

Competitive Advantage

If the potential for improved part quality and profit-building efficiency of your molding operation rests, as most do, in the effective management of temperature control, Acrolab's Isobar® heating and cooling systems are an excellent, affordable and maintenance-free way to gain a competitive advantage.

We would be pleased to assist you and we welcome your inquiry.
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