Rubber Heating

Acrolab Ltd announces the sale of licenses for the sales of ISOBAR® Super Thermal Conductors and for the manufacture and sale of ISOPLATENS® within the rubber molding and processing industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico to The French Oil Mill Machinery Company. Acrolab has also licensed French Oil to market these same technologies world wide, outside of the European Union, Russia and Turkey.

The French Oil Mill Machinery Company holds a leadership position in the rubber processing and molding sector, says Acrolab President Joe Ouellette. "We are very excited to be associated with a firm such as French, who displays the combination of deep roots and great forward vision within the Rubber sector".

Isobar® Heat Pipes in Standing Cores

Acrolab's Isobar® Heat Pipe technology can be used in standing cores for rubber heating by providing a high-speed isothermal path for thermal energy to travel. In a comparison test performed using a sold steel core pin and a core bored out to accept an Isobar® Heat Pipe, it was shown that the Isobar-infiltrated core reached steady state in approximately half the time required for the solid steel core. Secondly, the steady state temperature of the Isobar-infiltrated core is 40 percent higher than the solid steel core. The installation of Isobar® Heat Pipes in standing cores, either singly or in multiple arrays, allows the molder to resolve the difficult processing problems such as uneven core heating and low-temperature recovery that directly effect cycle time and uniform cures. Isobar® Heat Pipes provide the thermal linearity necessary to achieve uniform molding conditions on all molding surfaces. Deep cavities and standing cores will become much easier to cure uniformly with the installation of Isobars. The entire cure cycle will be exposed to isothermal conditions. Installation of Isobar® Heat Pipes may result in recovery of old face temperatures in up to half the time when compared to traditional heating and conduction methods.

Tree-bar Technology

Isobar® Heat Pipes resolve the difficulties in achieving thermal uniformity within a core and from core to core in complicated multicavity molding. Installing Isobar® Heat Pipes in tree-bars to parallel cartridge heaters assures that the tree-bar itself is isothermal. The tree-bar can now provide a common temperature to the base of each core pin mounted onto it. These cores, in turn, achieve an isothermal condition along their molding face when Isobar® Heat Pipes are installed in them. In comparing temperature variations along the length of a core mounted in a tree-bar orientation with and without Isobar® Heat Pipes installed, it was observed that with Isobar® Heat Pipes installed in both the tree-bar and the attached cores, each core molding surface may be held at an optimum uniform molding temperature without complex multizone temperature controls and the complex wiring associated with large numbers of thermocouples and heaters. The Isobar® Heat Pipe system reduces maintenance costs by reducing the overall complexity of the mold heating system. Isobar heat transfer systems permit the molder to maintain optimum processing temperatures with a high degree of mold face thermal uniformity and with an increase in energy throughout. This results in faster cycle times with consistent, optimal cures. Talk to one of our engineers about your specific thermal application.
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