Plastic Thermoset Heating

Plastic Thermoset Heating Isobars are used within thermoset molds to superconduct energy to cores and mold face sections. They provide near-isothermal conditions and rapid energy throughput on all the mold's working surfaces. Isobar® Heat Pipes replenish the energy drawn from the mold face to the part during the cure cycle significantly faster than relying on the thermal conductivity of tool steel.

Acrolab's solution to Plastic Thermoset Heating has the Isobar® Heat Pipes arranged in such a way as to allow for full accessibilty and easy heater replacement in the event of heater failure. This means easier maintenance and less down time for your mold.

A good example is the process of manufacturing headlight housings – a critical mold producing a part which has lens elements to refocus the headlights in a car. It has a very critical dimensional tolerance requirement. The Isobar® Heat Pipes provide the unique temperature uniformity required in order to get geometric consistency from part to part. Acrolab's Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer systems are specified by over 90% of the head light manufacturers in North America. At last count, the Isobar® Heat Pipe Transfer System has been installed in over 200 injection thermoset head lamp housing molds.

Contact our Engineering Department to receive a quote on using Acrolab's Heat Transfer System for your Plastic Thermoset heating application.

Plastic Thermoset Heating
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